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Grunge Turqoise Wall

The Process of Pottery

Each piece of my pottery is made from stoneware clay. The pieces are either slab-built or wheel-thrown.


After the pieces are created, they take about a week to dry. Then, once the kiln is full, I bisque-fire the pieces for 12 hours at 1888 degrees. Next, I brush each piece with multiple layers of glaze. This is where the colors come from. Then I glaze-fire the pieces  (12 hours at 2170 degrees). The kiln needs to cool for about 24 hours before I can open it.

Opening the kiln after a glaze fire is like opening presents on Christmas morning! I never know exactly what I'll get. I am always experimenting with different techniques, glaze combinations, textures, and designs. It's a continuous learning process and an exercise in patience.

Working with clay brings me great satisfaction. The best part is knowing that I can bring joy to others through my work. 

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