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 Plates and Bowls

Product Use and Care

All of our pottery is hand-built and therefore unique.  We can replicate a design, but the finished piece will never be exactly the same as another piece. The pottery is designed, built, glazed, and fired in our home-studio. Each item is created individually with great care and attention to detail. Any irregularities add visual interest and are characteristic of the hand-building process.

Each piece is photographed in either natural sunlight or in a lightbox to show the intensity of the glaze colors. The colors may not look as vibrant in normal indoor lighting. 

Due to the nature of some of our clay, the bottom of the pieces may scratch furniture. Felt pads are recommended to prevent this.  Please use a coaster with mugs that will be placed on a wooden table, to avoid scratching or heat marks (if using for hot drinks).

Our pottery is food safe (unless otherwise noted), and can be put in the microwave. Please handwash the pottery to avoid chipping. As with most dishes, to avoid thermal shock (and cracking), do not drastically change the temperatures of the pottery (extreme hot to extreme cold) within a short amount of time.

With proper care, our pottery will last many years. 

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